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Press Release


14 June, 2012





 “Space Shoot”, a new quirky shooting game now on sale

for iPhone, iPad, Android phone and Tablet



Sydney, Australia – 14 June 2012 – The Sydney based game and animation studio PJFX today announced  “Space Shoot”, a new quirky shooting game featuring multi touch control , full HD 3D graphics, fun characters and sounds, is now for sale on the iTunes App Store and is free to

download on Google play.


Game description


Space Shoot is the new tablet arcade game from PJFX. A new school take on the classic game "Asteroids". Go after the greedy Alien King and his goons to return the planet's water. The only rule is, shoot everything!




-Unique multi-touch control scheme

-Full HD 3D animated graphics

-Quirky and fun sound effects

-Six different colorful worlds

-A crazy cast of characters and targets

-Powerful Laser, Pulser and Missile weapons

-Power-up! With Shields and bombs

-Incredible "Streak Boosts"

- Leader board keeps track of your best scores in survival mode



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PJFX website :

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Game Title : Space Shoot

Genre : shooting game

Platform : App store ( iPhone / iPad) and Google Play ( Android

phone and tablets)

Category in store : Game > Arcade

Release date : 14th June, 2012

Price :   AUS$0.99 for iPhone, AUS$1.99 for iPad , Free for Android devices

Suppliier : PJFX